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Current News and Events

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P.O. Box 661 * Fremont, IN 46737 a non-for-profit / 501 c3 Charitable Corp.

WEB PAGE: www.snowlake.us

Remember all Dues and Donations are tax deductible!


The purpose of our association is to encourage, foster, and watch over the conservation of our Natural Resources therefore improving our Quality of Life on Snow Lake.”

Snow Lake Scholarship Deadline to Apply is April 15, 2019!!!!! Apply on line at our website or contacting Carolyn Hohenberger (260)667-7891 or Ruth Graft (260)833-2002 Scholarship will be announced and presented at our June 8th General Meeting.

Current Officers:

President: Steve Schroeder (260) 905-6930          Vice President: Gary Hohenberger (260) 667-7891

Treasurer: Karime Masson (517) 667-8318       Secretary: Ami Absher(419) 460-4090

Membership: Marcie Galambos (419) 902-1989

We the officers, representatives, and you as members of The Snow Lake Cottager’s Association are dedicated to preserving one of the most beautiful lakes in Steuben County, our very own Snow Lake. Each year it becomes more important to work together to meet the Environmental challenges of our lake. We as property owners need to do the responsible work needed to maintain and care for OUR lake. This is where your membership is essential in this battle. Over the course of four years we have worked very hard at increasing membership, lake signage, quality of lake waters, invasive weed control, and building a community feeling again on Snow Lake. We want to hear from you. Let us know what community ideas you have or would like to take part in on Snow Lake. In the past we have had Reflections on the Lake, a history presentation of the lake with boat rides and home tours. Snow Lake Night Out was introduced last year with dinner at local restaurants and prize give-a-ways. Contact Ami Absher with your ideas. (419) 460-4090

This past year an Environmental Lake Study was done by Scott Banfield of Aquatic Enhancement. We will go over the results at the June 8th General Meeting. Spraying for purple loosestrife was completed this year. The cost of study and spraying alone was over $10,000.00. We applied this January for a L.A.R.E Grant in order to receive financial help in continuing these efforts.

Bi Annual SLCA General Meeting

June 8th, 2019 9:00 am

Fremont Moose Lodge 2051 Toledo St. (State Rd. 120) Fremont, Indiana 46737

This year’s focus will be maintaining the environmental health of our lake and what we can each do as property owners to ensure this. Our Guest Speaker for our June 8th General Meeting will be Alysson Oliger, DNR Compliance Coordinator/ Environmental Manager. She will be educating us on the rules and regulations of the lake. Many have questions as to what is allowed when cleaning or raking personal lakefront waters as weed control is affected by these actions. It is important as owners we keep our lake clean and environmentally healthy to maintain our property values. Please join us for this very important session. Steve Schroeder ~SLCA President

New Business This Year Will Include: 

* 2019 Snow Lake Cottagers Association Scholarship Award

*Increasing Membership (Last Year we saw a 20% increase)

*Continued efforts in swan and geese control

*Removing old dangerous signage pipes throughout the lake, replacing them with a more user-friendly lighted augur, and replacing old buoys. Each year we are trying to update and purchase new ones for a more pleasant and uniform look.

*Continued support for the 4th of July Fireworks. Snow Lake Cottagers Association matches your donation at 50%. This year’s fireworks will be on July 6th at dusk.

*June 8th and August 10th General Meetings

* Continued efforts on building and increasing our membership

What does my SLCA membership Include

1. Discounted Rate for Yearly Garbage and Recycling                  7. Supports Annual Fireworks

2. Water Quality Testing                                                                             8. Free Boater Safety Classes (Date TBD)

3. Weed Control                                                                              9. Newsletters to all SLCA Members

4. Lake and Lawn Quality Control through                                   10. Scholarships for Eligible High School Seniors

Swan/Geese Nest and Egg Reduction                                            11. Free Pier Signs to all New Members

5. Supplies Solar Lighted Channel Markers and Shallow Water Markers

6. Supports Sheriff's Patrol


Evan Trusty 2018 Snow Lake Cottagers' Association Scholarship Recipient

Read Evan's Essay

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June 8, 2019



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